ACTAtekTM (Access Control Time & Attendance) is based on biometric fingerprint, smart card, and PIN code authentication methods with a built-in camera for photo identity. A world-class SSL-protected Access Control and Time Attendance System with web-based Biometric and Smart Card Technology. Together these technologies provide the easiest and safest security for your building, suite or office.

The ACTAtek Biometric Access Control Unit

Easy, Reliable And Secure

The feature rich ACTAtek unit combines the security of the latest optical fingerprint recognition technologies with the power of a linux based platform. The pairing of the two, industry proven technologies, allows for a robust and stable solution for any access control need. Unlike similar products, the ACTAtek is both scalable and secure. The ACTAtek is capable of handling up to 7000 users and can be networked with other units throughout your campus and across town; yet it is cost effective enough to use for controlled access through a single door.

Simple Integration

Most biometric systems require cumbersome administration practices in order to fully utilize the security advantages of their platforms. The ACTAtek unit is designed to take the hassle out of integration and configuration. With built in web server, standard network connectivity and primary/secondary topography, the ACTAtek makes the task of integration simple. Virtually all configuration tasks are performed via a secure connection from any standard web browser. Access policies, user management and reporting can be performed easily from an administrator’s desk. The Primary/Secondary mode allows a user to enroll at a single unit with the information automatically propagated to other units in the network group. Paired with sophisticated authentication capabilities, the ACTAtek makes the cost of ownership very favorable compared to other access control solutions.


  • Secure and Easy to Use
  • 3 Authentication types: Fingerprint, Smart Cards / Key Fobs, PIN codes
  • Network capable for use in multi-unit environments
  • Single enrollment location in multi-unit environment
  • Administration via Web Browser
  • Four levels of administration
  • Controlled access by Groups and/or Time & Date
  • Full featured reporting

General Features

  • 500Dpi Optical Sensor To Capture Fingerprint Minutia
  • Can Be Used Either Stand-Alone Or On A Network (See Network Features Below)
  • Three/Five/Seven Finger Enrollment Increases Accuracy (Fingerprint Models Only)
  • Built-In Smart Card Reader (Smart Card Models Only)
  • 32Mb Non-Volatile Memory - Data Is Protected From Power Loss
  • Supports - Macintosh/Win 98/XP/2003/Unix/Linux Computers
  • Multilingual Support
  • Well Documented Programming Api For Custom Applications
  • Robust Reporting Features
  • Weather Resistant Indoor/Outdoor Casing

Multi Unit Environments

  • One Time Enrollment If Used In A Multi Unit Environment - There Is No Need To Enroll At Each Unit
  • Data Is Replicated On All Units Making Them Functional During Network Connectivity Loss - The Units Will Update The Primary Unit When The Connection Is Restored
  • Group Access Rights Make The Job Of Assigning Access Privileges Easy

Network Features

  • Built-In Web And Database Server
  • Remote Administration Via Web Browser
  • Exchange Of Information Between Devices (Primary / Secondary)
  • Supports Data Transactions Via 128Bit SSL Encryption
  • Network Settings Can Be Obtained Via A Standard DHCP Server Or May Be Statically Configured On The Unit And In The Web Interface
  • Plug And Play
  • ODBC Database Interface Support

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